Wheel Me Around The World

Finally, my travel novel has been published in English! Big thanks to the translator Vesna Karaman-Castro, editor Rebecca K. Montange and cover designer Stefan Lukić.
I would be grateful if you would share this new with your English speaking friends to advertise it as widely as possible. By buying my book(s) you directly help me to keep travelling on my bike and writing about my experiences for you to read. Thank you 🙂


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Renu Kapoor
Renu Kapoor
6 years ago

I am fascinated by Serbia. A Serbian woman traveller and novel writer is an irresistible combination. Would live to read your book but unfortunately it is not available in India. Waiting eagerly. Good luck to you. May you write more. May you travel more.
I would love to translate your book into my language, Hindi.

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